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Apr 15, 2022
Dance Classes

Experience the Joy of Dancing in Manhattan, NYC

If you are looking for an exciting and vibrant dance community in Manhattan, NYC, you've come to the right place. Dance Manhattan NYC offers high-quality dance classes, workshops, and events for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore the world of dance or an experienced dancer seeking to enhance your skills, our dedicated team of instructors is here to guide you on your journey.

Why Dance Manhattan NYC?

At Dance Manhattan NYC, we are passionate about dance and believe that it is an art form that brings joy, self-expression, and a sense of community. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space where dancers can learn, grow, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. With our diverse range of dance styles and experienced instructors, we strive to offer an exceptional experience for every individual who walks through our doors.

Our Dance Classes

Whether you are interested in ballroom dancing, salsa, hip-hop, contemporary, or any other style, Dance Manhattan NYC has a class for you. Our skilled instructors are experts in their respective genres and are dedicated to helping you master the techniques while having fun along the way. From group classes to private lessons, we offer a variety of options to accommodate your preferences and schedule.


If you are new to dancing, our beginner classes are a perfect starting point. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment where you can learn the basics and build a strong foundation in the dance style of your choice. Our instructors break down complex moves into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor.

Intermediate and Advanced

For dancers with previous experience, Dance Manhattan NYC offers intermediate and advanced classes that allow you to refine your skills and take your dancing to the next level. Our instructors will provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you fine-tune your technique, musicality, and styling. With a focus on both individual development and partner work, you'll have the opportunity to grow as a dancer and expand your repertoire.

Workshops and Events

In addition to our regular classes, Dance Manhattan NYC hosts a variety of workshops, social dances, and special events throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity to learn from renowned guest instructors, practice your skills in a social setting, and connect with fellow dancers in the community. Whether you are looking to participate in showcases, competitions, or themed dance parties, our calendar is filled with exciting opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the world of dance.

Our Instructors

At Dance Manhattan NYC, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled and passionate instructors who are dedicated to your success. Each instructor brings a unique perspective and expertise to their classes, ensuring that you receive the highest quality instruction possible. Our instructors are committed to creating a supportive and inspiring learning environment where you can thrive and achieve your dance goals.

Meet Our Instructors

- John Smith: With over 20 years of experience in ballroom dancing, John is known for his precise technique and charismatic teaching style. He has competed at national and international levels, and his passion for dance is contagious.

- Sarah Johnson: Sarah's background in contemporary dance and her innovative choreography make her a sought-after instructor. She believes in nurturing creativity and helping dancers explore their unique artistic expression.

- Carlos Rodriguez: As a professional salsa dancer and instructor, Carlos combines his extensive knowledge of Latin dance with infectious energy to bring the fiery rhythms of salsa to life.

Join Dance Manhattan NYC Today!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, Dance Manhattan NYC welcomes you to join our vibrant dance community. Take the first step towards discovering the joy of dance by enrolling in one of our classes or attending an upcoming event. Visit our website for more details on our class schedule, pricing, and registration process. We can't wait to dance with you!

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